The International Business Minor prepares students to work successfully in the global business environment. Today’s employers are looking for university graduates with strong knowledge of international markets, skills in sourcing vendors, managing diverse workforces, and connecting with customers with different cultural backgrounds. International business students build global leadership skills that allow them to assess the complex problems in global business settings and implement effective and innovative solutions.

Students who wish to minor in international business must complete the following requirements. Prerequisites for these courses must also be satisfied. All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C. Students pursuing a baccalaureate degree outside the College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) should see the CBPP Student Advising Center for departmental approval.

Complete 18 credits from the following: 118
Business Foundations
International Marketing
International Business Management
Globalization and Business Environment
International Finance
International Business Applications
Selected Topics in International Business
International Business Internship
International Economics
International Logistics and Transportation Management

Students may substitute a maximum of one of the following courses for one of the courses listed above: GEOG A390A, HIST A321, HIST A322, HIST A325, INTL A325, JPC A404, JPN A350, PS A321, PS A325, SOC A380, SPAN A320 or 3 credits of a business course from an approved study abroad program.

A minimum of 18 credits is required for the minor.