Liberal Studies Integrated Sci (LSIS)


LSIS A102 Origins: Earth-Solar System-Life 5 Credits

Origins of earth including its formation, its place in the universe, and the life on this planet. Processes that shape the earth, reasons that earth contains life, and the varieties of past and present forms of life.

Prerequisites: MATH A105.

Attributes: UAA Natural Science w/ Lab GER.

LSIS A201 Life on Earth 5 Credits

Examines the biodiversity of life on earth, in the context of chemistry, cell biology, genetics, physiology, ecology, and evolution. Laboratory sessions are designed to increase the student's understanding of the process of science, hypothesis testing, experimental design, classification, and content knowledge. A writing and speaking intensive course.

Prerequisites: LSIS A102 and MATH A151 or concurrent enrollment.

LSIS A202 Concepts and Processes: Natural Sciences 5 Credits

Fundamental concepts in physics and chemistry. Emphasizes logical connections between quantum mechanical view of matter and major themes of modern chemistry and biochemistry. A writing and speaking intensive course.

Prerequisites: LSIS A201 and MATH A151.