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Administration/Humanities Building (ADM), Room 287

Studying languages prepares a student to live and work in an increasingly interdependent world in which contact with other cultures is frequent and the appreciation and respect for linguistic and cultural diversity is important. The Department of Languages offers a Bachelor of Arts degree, a minor in a single language, and courses that fulfill CAS and GER requirements.

The Bachelor of Arts in Languages affords students the option of concentrating on one emphasis language (Option I), or of studying an emphasis language in combination with a second language (Option II). These options and the student’s selection of courses from outside the department to fulfill major requirements, reflect the diverse context in which students live and work, and recognize the inherent multidisciplinary nature of language study. This flexibility also allows students to select a program most suited to their educational and career goals.

The Department of Languages offers French, German, Japanese, and Spanish as emphasis languages, with additional lower division courses in American Sign Language (ASL), Chinese, and Russian. First-year courses begin building the foundations of language learning: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Since language can only be understood within a cultural context, studying culture is included from the first semester. In courses beyond the first year, students expand and refine their language skills and further develop their cultural knowledge.

As an integral part of their education, the department recommends that all students majoring in Languages study abroad in a country of their target language(s). UAA offers a variety of opportunities for study abroad. For a full description of study abroad opportunities through UAA, students should refer to the International Study Abroad Coordinator in the Office of International and Intercultural Affairs. Students wishing to apply study abroad credit toward a Languages degree must petition to satisfy major and/or minor requirements with study abroad experience. The department may require post-program examinations. The department highly recommends that students discuss their study abroad plans with their academic advisor prior to participation.

Credit for Prerequisite Not Taken: Languages

An accepted degree-seeking UAA student who has completed one of the Department of Languages UAA catalog courses (A102-A301) in residence with a grade of C or higher is eligible to receive credit for the two immediately preceding courses, if any, up to a total of 8 credits, not to exceed the level of A202. Language Credit for Prerequisite Not Taken is limited to one time per language. This policy does not apply to credit earned through other nontraditional credit procedures, nor to special topics (-93), independent study (-97), the course A302, or Department of Languages literature or culture courses. 

To receive this credit, students must submit the appropriate form to the Office of the Registrar and pay an administrative fee to have the credit applied to their transcript.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts



Margritt Engel, Professor Emerita, German,
Patricia Fagan, Associate Professor, Spanish,
Hiroko Harada, Professor, Japanese,
Susan Kalina, Professor, Russian, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs,
Natasa Masanovic-Courtney, Chair/Associate Professor, German,
Rebeca Maseda Garcia, Associate Professor, Spanish,
Francisco Miranda, Associate Professor, Spanish,
Sudarsan Rangarajan, Professor, French,
Annie Zeng, Associate Professor, Chinese,