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The UAA Justice Center, established by the Alaska Legislature in 1975, has a mandate to provide statewide justice-related education, research and service. The Justice Center is an interdisciplinary unit that provides undergraduate, graduate and professional education; conducts research in the areas of crime, law and justice; and provides service to government units, justice agencies, and community organizations throughout urban and rural Alaska to promote a safe, healthy and just society.

In furtherance of its academic mission, the Justice Center offers the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Justice
  • Minor in Justice
  • Justice Honors
  • Justice Club
  • Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society

In addition, the Justice Center also offers the following programs in Legal Studies:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies
  • Minor in Legal Studies
  • Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies
  • Legal Nurse Consulting Paralegal Undergraduate Certificate
  • Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Paralegal Studies
  • Pre-law advising for UAA students

Justice faculty have professional research and service obligations beyond classroom teaching. Undergraduate students who major in justice have opportunities to work with faculty members on Justice Center research and service projects.

Students are encouraged to contact the Justice Center to speak with an academic advisor. More information about programs and advising is available on the Justice Center website.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts



Allan Barnes, Professor, arbarnes@alaska.edu
Jason Brandeis, Associate Professor, jbrandeis@alaska.edu
Sharon Chamard, Associate Professor, sechamard@alaska.edu
Ronald Everett, Associate Professor, rseverett@alaska.edu
Ryan Fortson, Associate Professor, hrfortson@alaska.edu
Kristin Knudsen, Legal Studies Program Coordinator/Associate Professor, kknudsen@alaska.edu
Bradley Myrstol, Director, Justice Center; Associate Professor, bamyrstol@alaska.edu
Troy Payne, Justice Program Coordinator; Associate Professor, tpayne9@alaska.edu
Deborah Periman, Professor, dkperiman@alaska.edu

John Angell, Professor Emeritus, ahjea@alaska.edu
Robert Congdon, Professor Emeritus, afrec@alaska.edu