Theatre and Dance

Fine Arts Building (ARTS), Room 302, (907) 786-1792

The Department of Theatre and Dance offers a well-rounded liberal arts approach in its curriculum. Theatre courses cover all the basic areas of theatrical endeavor, including acting, movement for the actor, directing, stagecraft, scenic design, lighting design, costume design and technology, makeup, dramatic literature, theatre history, dramatic theory and criticism, and playwriting. The dance program offers courses in dance techniques, choreography, improvisation, dance history and dance research methods. Selected topics offered from time to time range from a diverse menu of performance and technical offerings such as practical applications in theatrical control systems, sound engineering, arts in education, touring youth theatre productions, and movement-violence and the text. Dance offers hip-hop, Capoeira, popular American social dance, dance for musical theatre as well as other contemporary styles.

Theatre is the art of giving life in performance to dramatic literature. Production is at the very center of our award-winning theatre and dance program. Each season the department produces three to four plays and two dance concerts on its “modified thrust” Mainstage and in the Jerry Harper Studio Theatre, a fully-equipped black-box space. Student-directed scenes, one-acts and full-length plays are also presented yearly in the Harper. Department plays are cast at open auditions and on average more than 100 majors, non-majors and members of the community are involved in our productions each year. All theatre and dance majors are required to participate in Mainstage productions and/or related departmental activities.

Dance as performance and as theoretical discourse from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective is primary in the dance program. As in theatre, production is also at the heart of the program, with the UAA Dance Ensemble as the core performing group. Each year, we feature two dance productions either on Mainstage and/or at the Harper Theatre, and guest artist residencies are a staple of the program. All dance minors or theatre majors choosing the dance option are required to participate in Dance Ensemble performances and/or related departmental activities.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts



Daniel Anteau, Professor/Chair,
Daniel G. Carlgren, Assistant Professor,

Brian Cook, Assistant Professor,
Nova Cunningham, Term Assistant Professor,
Jill Flanders Crosby, Professor,
Tyson Hewitt, Assistant Professor,

Brian Jeffery, Term Assistant Professor,
Colleen Metzger, Assistant Professor,


David Edgecombe, Professor Emeritus
Fran Lautenberger, Professor Emeritus