Associate of Applied Science in Geomatics

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Geomatics prepares students for technician-level employment as land survey technicians or as automated mapping technicians. Those working as survey technicians frequently work outdoors, travel to various job locations, and enjoy an independent lifestyle. Automated mapping technicians work with the latest cartographic techniques and equipment and easily transfer skills learned in geomatics courses to other disciplines.

The program is based on curriculum used in the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Geomatics and transfers credit for students interested in pursuing professional licensing as registered land surveyors.

Admission Requirements

Complete the Admission Requirements for Associate Degrees.

Graduation Requirements

GEO A146Geomatics Computations I3
GEO A156
Geospatial Measurement I
and Geospatial Measurement I Laboratory
GEO A157Computer-Aided Drafting for Surveyors3
GEO A256
Engineering Surveying
and Engineering Surveying Laboratory
GEO A266
Geospatial Measurement II
and Geospatial Measurement II Laboratory
GEO A267Boundary Law I3
GIS A101Introduction to Geographic Information Systems3
GIS A201Intermediate Geographic Information Systems3
College Algebra for Calculus
and Trigonometry
or MATH A155 Precalculus
WRTG A212Writing and the Professions3
Complete 7 to 8 credits of natural sciences, including at least one laboratory:7-8
Solar System Astronomy
and Solar System Astronomy Laboratory
Introductory Biology
and Introductory Biology Laboratory
Introduction to Oceanography
and Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory
Introduction to Oceanography
and Introduction to Oceanography Laboratory
General Chemistry I
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
Environmental Science: Systems and Processes
and Environmental Science: Systems and Processes Laboratory
Earth Systems: Elements of Physical Geography
Physical Geology
and Physical Geology Laboratory
Environmental Geology
and Environmental Geology Laboratory
College Physics I
and College Physics I Laboratory
General Physics I
and General Physics I Laboratory
College Physics II
and College Physics II Laboratory
General Physics II
and General Physics II Laboratory

A minimum of 60 credits is required for the degree.