Project Management

University Center (UC), Room 155, (907) 786-1924

The Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) is designed to provide a rigorous background in contemporary theory and practice in project management, strengthened through the extensive application of tools, concepts and critical thinking in a case study environment. The MSPM provides students with perspectives and skills to prepare them for increasingly significant and complex project leadership roles within a broad range of public and private sector organizations: engineering, construction, oil and gas, natural resources, health care, information technology, communications, utilities, education, financial services, government, military, transportation, and others.

The MSPM program is accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center. The structure and content of the curriculum is designed to enable students to learn, apply and demonstrate mastery of project management theory and practice in the context of hands-on project case studies managed and integrated progressively over the end-to-end project lifecycle as well as electives that provide opportunities for advanced study and application of project management in targeted industry sectors. Additionally, students will develop and strengthen leadership, communication, teamwork and professional responsibility traits necessary to lead and manage successful projects in a complex, global environment. The MSPM program requires a research or project oriented capstone.

The program serves full- and part-time students. Classes are generally held during the evening and selectively on weekends. The program provides a unique, real-time distance educational environment where students from across the state and around the world can join local students and faculty in the live classroom environment. This approach also accommodates students who may need to travel regularly for their employment.

Program of Study

Master of Science


Roger Hull, Instructor,
Seong Dae Kim, Associate Professor,
LuAnn Piccard, Assistant Professor and ESPM Interim Director,