Associate of Applied Science in Outdoor Leadership

This program is delivered only through Prince William Sound College.

Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Application and Admission Requirements for Associate Degree Programs.

Graduation Requirements

Program Requirements

EMT A130Emergency Medical Technician I8
FIRE A117Rescue Practices3
PEP A161Wilderness First Responder4
PEP A262Foundations of Outdoor Recreation3
PEP A264Recreation Program Planning and Evaluation3
PEP A266Introduction to Safety and Risk3
PEP A275Media and Strategic Communication for Outdoors Professionals3
PEP A295Outdoor Leadership Internship2-3
PER A150Water Safety and Rescue1
PER A169Four-Season Backpacking3
Total Credits33-34

Complete one of the emphasis areas below:

Adventure Filmmaking Emphasis
FLM A167Introduction to the Study of Adventure Filmmaking3
FLM A172Previsualization and Preproduction3
FLM A180Digital Video Editing3
FLM A298Adventure Film Research6
Advisor-approved electives6
Total Credits21
Professional Aquatic Leader Emphasis
BA A100Tourism in Rural Alaska3
PER A112Swiftwater Rescue1
PER A152Beginning River Rafting1
PER A153Beginning Sea Kayaking1
PER A252Intermediate River Rafting2
PER A253Intermediate Sea Kayaking2
PEP/PER electives8
Total Credits18
Professional Alpine Leader Emphasis
BA A100Tourism in Rural Alaska3
PER A160Beginning Cross-Country Ski: Diagonal Stride1
PER A164Skiing Alaska's Backcountry2
PER A165Avalanche Hazard Recognition and Evaluation1
PER A218Avalanche Theory II2
PER A259North American Mechanized Ski Guide3
PEP/PER electives8
Total Credits20

A minimum of 66-70 credits is required for the degree.