Film (FLM)


FLM A167 Introduction to the Study of Adventure Filmmaking 3 Credits

Introduces students to various forms and elements of successful adventure and documentary films, with a special emphasis in identifying and appreciating humanistic and artistic qualities. Students will survey the history of outdoor adventure filmmaking and, after learning introductory skills and perspectives in film study and critical evaluation, explore general techniques, stylistic approaches, best practices, and the function and role of this specialized film genre.

FLM A172 Previsualization and Preproduction 3 Credits

Previsualization is a collaborative process that generates preliminary versions of shots or sequences that will eventually create a larger story. It enables filmmakers to explore creative ideas, plan efficient technical solutions and communicate a shared vision. Laying a foundation for production, this course will explore writing, storyboarding and film production. This focus on developing original stories and preparing those concepts for production.

FLM A180 Digital Video Editing 3 Credits

Introduction to the technical and aesthetic aspects of nonlinear digital video editing. Students will go from little or no experience in nonlinear editing to being comfortable with some of the advanced editing techniques. Addresses filmmaking editing strategies that are not bound to time or specific editing technology.

FLM A298 Adventure Film Research 1-3 Credits

Hands-on filmmaking research from direct engagement with a film project or process. Each student will contribute a film product or research portfolio.
Registration Restrictions: Instructor permission

Prerequisites: FLM A172.