Culinary Arts

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The Culinary Arts and Hospitality Division offers two degrees: an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

The culinary arts and hospitality and restaurant management programs provide students the opportunity to acquire the culinary skills, management skills and hospitality finesse needed to develop a career in the expanding hospitality and food service industry. An array of career possibilities is available to graduates in the areas of culinary production and professional management in restaurants, clubs, bakeries, hotels, hospitals, camps, catering facilities, institutions, tourism and other related operations.

The AAS generally takes five semesters of full-time study to complete (12-15 credits per semester). With additional culinary electives, students may focus their studies in culinary/bakery, management or hospitality. Through a study abroad agreement, students have the option of studying abroad for one semester at the prestigious Italian Culinary Institute of Florence (APICIUS).

The bachelor’s degree generally takes four to five years of study to complete. In addition to General Education Requirements (GERs), students will complete a culinary core, a business core and then have the option to complete an emphasis study core in hospitality, hotel, restaurant management, convention and catering management, or tourism at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) or Northern Arizona University (NAU). Or, students may complete a nutrition emphasis study core at UAA. The study cores at UNLV or NAU require two semesters to complete; students have the option of attending UNLV or NAU or may complete the coursework via distance delivery. Please note that students may have to pay nonresident tuition for out-of-state study if they do not apply for National Student Exchange (NSE).

The capstone experience for the bachelor’s degree is a 600-hour internship offered through UAA and is designed to provide direct hands-on hotel and restaurant operations management experience during the fourth or fifth year. Arranged by the department, internships are paid work experiences at an approved site.

Programs of Study

Associate of Applied Science

Bachelor of Arts


Anne Bridges, Professor,
Timothy Doebler, Director/Professor,
Naomi Everett, Assistant Professor,
Amy Green, Professor,
Vern Wolfram, Assistant Professor,