Minor in Dance

Students majoring in another subject who wish to minor in dance must complete the following requirements. Theatre majors with a dance concentration are not eligible for the Minor in Dance.

DNCE A170Dance Appreciation3
DNCE A262Theory and Improvisation3
DNCE A361Approaches to Dance Composition3
DNCE A370Interdisciplinary Dance Studies: Issues and Methods3
DNCE A395Advanced Practicum: Performance2
THR A131Theatrical Production Techniques3
Choose 4 more credits of the following:4
Fundamentals of Ballet I
Contemporary Modern I
Dance for Musical Theatre I
Fundamentals of Music-Based Jazz I
Popular American Social Dance
Fundamentals of Tap I
Contemporary Modern II
Dance for Musical Theatre II
Intermediate Contemporary Modern I
Intermediate Contemporary Modern II
Dance Repertory and Performance I
Advanced Performance and Choreography Workshop
Dance Repertory and Performance II
Total Credits21

A total of 21 credits is required for the minor.