Civil Engineering

Engineering Building (ENGR), Room 201, (907) 786-1900

The Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) is designed for students who wish to pursue research-oriented occupations or to eventually pursue a PhD degree, as well as to prepare for advanced professional engineering practice. The Master of Civil Engineering (MCE) is designed for students who wish to further emphasize engineering practice and prefer to substitute additional classroom education for graduate research experience.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Civil Engineering gain one year of education credit toward obtaining a Professional  Engineer license in Alaska. Students planning to seek a professional license or certificate in a state other than Alaska are required to contact the UAA offering department before enrolling to determine if the program meets the licensing/certification requirements of the state in which they wish to practice.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the UAA civil engineering graduate programs are to provide graduates with:

  1. Advanced technical knowledge within one or more of the recognized sub-disciplines of civil engineering.
  2. The ability to conceive and conduct an advanced research program.
  3. The ability to effectively communicate research results.

Programs of Study

Master of Civil Engineering

Master of Science


Osama Abaza, Professor and Chair,
Ghulam Bham, Assistant Professor,
Alice Bullington, Assistant Professor,
Aaron Dotson, Assistant Professor,
Utpal Dutta, Associate Professor,
Scott Hamel, Assistant Professor,
Rob Lang, Professor,
He Liu, Professor,
Andrew Metzger, Assistant Professor,
John Olofsson, Professor,
Thomas Ravens, Professor,
Orson Smith, Professor,
Zhaohui (Joey) Yang, Associate Professor,
Hannele Zubeck, Professor,