Social Sciences Building (SSB), Room 352, (907) 786-1665

The undergraduate psychology program offers mentorship and high-quality training in the science of behavior and mental processes and, in so doing, enriches the lives of our students, citizens of Alaska and the field of psychology. In service of this mission, the faculty provides effective instruction, academic and career advising, research training, professional skill development, service opportunities, and preparation for graduate school and employment in the human service field.

The psychology major requirements are flexible and are designed to serve a variety of career goals. Both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science are available. The student majoring in psychology pursuing a general interest in human nature will probably take a different sequence of psychology courses than a student who is preparing for advanced work in psychology. All students are encouraged to plan undergraduate work carefully. Early and frequent consultation with an advisor is helpful in selecting courses which will provide a solid foundation in psychology and a good general education.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Science



Robert Boeckmann, Professor,
Sara Buckingham, Assistant Professor,
Eric John David, ANCAP Director/Associate Professor,
Patrick Dulin, Professor,
Gloria Eldridge, Professor/MS Program Coordinator,
James Fitterling, UAA-UAF PhD Program Teach-Out Director/Associate Professor,
Vivian Gonzalez, UAA PhD Program Director/Associate Professor,
Veronica Howard, Assistant Professor,
Maria Ippolito, Professor,
Phil Jordan, Term Instructor,
Claudia Lampman, Professor,
Paul Landen, Professor (KPC-KRC),
Anayansi Lombardero, Assistant Professor,
Gwen Lupfer, Associate Professor,
Mychal Machado, Assistant Professor,
Eric S. Murphy, Director/Professor,
Yasuhiro Ozuru, Associate Professor,
Brian Partridge, Associate Professor (KPC-KBC),
John Petraitis, Professor,
Patricia Sandberg, Professor,
Grant Sasse, Assistant Professor/PSC Director,
Karen Ward, Professor,

Faculty Emeriti

Christiane Brems,
Bruno Kappes,
Mark Johnson,
Robert Madigan,
Rosellen Rosich,