Liberal Studies Integrated Cor (LSIC)


LSIC A231 Truth, Beauty, and Goodness 3 Credits

Integrated approach to the study of critical and normative thinking, including: standards of truth in logic, mathematics, and science; standards of ethical goodness, and standards for the critical appraisal of art and the beautiful.
Crosslisted With: PHIL A231.

Prerequisites: WRTG A111 or concurrent enrollment or WRTG A1W with a minimum grade of C or SAT Critical Reading Score with a score of 610 or SAT Verbal Score with a score of 610 or EVIDENCE-BASED READ/WRIT SCORE with a score of 610 or Enhanced ACT English with a score of 30 or Original ACT English with a score of 30.

LSIC A332 Science, Technology, and Culture 3 Credits

Explores the interplay of scientific discovery, technological advancement, and the transformation of human societies. It does so by examining key ethical, social, economic, cultural, and policy issues associated with modern science and technology. A speaking intensive course.

Prerequisites: LSSS A111 and (LSIC A231 or PHIL A231).

LSIC A488A Capstone Project I: Design and Research 3 Credits

The design and initial research phase of a substantial year-long capstone research or creative project. Students will work under the guidance of a faculty or community professional mentor, typically in small groups, to prepare and present a research or creative project proposal and to begin data collection or project implementation.
Registration Restrictions: Completion of 9 credits of Liberal Studies disciplinary concentrations. Completion of GER Tier 1 (basic college-level skills) courses.

Prerequisites: LSIC A332.