Economics and Public Policy

Edward & Cathryn Rasmuson Hall (RH), Room 203, (907) 786-4100

Economics provides students with a systematic way of understanding the world around them. Economics is a social science that studies human behavior, markets, and how people, organizations and governments make choices about the use of resources. A degree in economics gives students career opportunities in many fields and excellent preparation for postgraduate study. The Economics Department hosts an experimental economics lab and an experimental economics research program. It has also has special expertise in behavioral economics and resource economics. It is home to the Rasmuson Chair in Economics, the only fully privately-endowed, scholarly chair at the University of Alaska, which brings leading economics scholars to be in residence at UAA for terms up to a year. It offers courses for both degree and non-degree-seeking students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Students who wish to major in economics may choose either the Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). A Minor in Economics is also offered.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Business Administration



Jonathan Alevy, Associate Professor,
Matthew Berman, Professor,

Kevin Berry, Assistant Professor,
Andrew Bibler, Assistant Professor,
Stephen Colt, Professor Emeritus,
Scott Goldsmith, Professor Emeritus,
Mouchine Guettabi, Assistant Professor,
Lance Howe, Associate Professor, Chair,
Lee Huskey, Professor Emeritus,
Stephen Jackstadt, Professor Emeritus
Alexander James, Assistant Professor,
Paul Johnson, Professor,
Gunnar Knapp, Professor Emeritus,
James Murphy, Professor, Rasmuson Chair of Economics,
Matthew Reimer, Assistant Professor,
Larry Ross, Professor,
Ralph Townsend, Professor, Director ISER,
Qiujie (Angie) Zheng, Associate Professor,